Official Reporters,
Yesterday I received the attached letter from Chief Justice Hendry advising that the Supreme Court has agreed with our proposal to change Rule 3B of the rules relating to official court reporters to allow us to negotiate a price for expedited, daily, or real-time delivery of bills of exceptions or transcripts.
The rule has been changed to read:

. . . .

B. Upon request of counsel or any party to a suit, furnish to such counsel or party, as expeditiously as possible, a typewritten transcription of any trial or proceedings, or any portion thereof. The reporter shall receive the compensation specified below in Rule 18 for any such transcription, except that when expedited, daily, or real-time delivery is requested, the reporter and the requesting party may mutually agree to an amount to be paid for delivery of such transcription. Counsel or any party shall make satisfactory arrangements with the reporter for payment. All work involved with the preparation of such transcription shall be considered freelance activity subject to Rule 11.

This rule change now makes it clear that the longstanding practice of negotiating a free market price higher than the $3.25 allowed by Rule 18 is approved.

Gary G. Latimer, President
Nebraska Official Court Reporters Association

Letter from Justice Hendry <Hendry21506.doc>

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