Kathy Skalka, RPR

Hello, fellow stenographers! I’m happy to be a part of this association. While I was going to school, which really wasn’t that long ago, I couldn’t wait to start working as a court reporter, but also I was excited to meet other reporters. I went to school at AIB College of Business, and I knew lots of reporters from Iowa but very few from Nebraska.

After coming to just one NeCRA convention, I met lots of people, and in “Nebraska” style, every-one was very welcoming. Lots of you have been doing this for a long time. The stories and wis-dom and skills you possess are very inspiring.

This last fall convention I reflected on how much talent was in one room. People often need reminding of that, especial-ly when work becomes overwhelming and we get stuck in our daily routine. Coming to a convention isn’t just about getting points. Your presence inspires, motivates, and unifies us all to remind us that we are all in this together.
Now, more than ever, that is the case. As we all know, there are fewer and fewer reporters out there. The keynote speaker at NCRA’s convention spoke about disruption. Here is my interpretation of disruption. The “disruption” in our field is our shortage and ERs filling the positions.
How are you going to react to the changes disruption brings to our profession? Attending conventions to keep updated and motivated, getting involved with schools for their career days, starting a Project Steno course or helping those who have started those courses, handing out materials from NCRA’s STRONG Task Force to judges or attorneys about the importance of a stenographic reporter are just a few of the impactful ways you can make a difference.

We are our best advocates to our profession. This “disruption” will only make us stronger, and I’m happy to be a part of NeCRA to make sure the stenographic reporter stays strong in Nebraska.